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We will consider the following, fundamental, objectives of highway and public lighting when considering our approach to design for Staffordshire:

All public lighting should illuminate and improve night time usage for road and pedestrian users alike.
A well lit environment will assist in reducing crime and bring the night time environment to life by encouraging people to use public areas they might otherwise avoid.
Lighting should provide a uniform level of light; it should reveal information to the road/footway/cycle-path user in time to allow them to make decisions about taking a safe route.
The appearance and location of the lighting apparatus to ensure it is inconspicuous and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

When selecting the lighting apparatus we will review their environmental impact and ability to control light effectively and directionally. Every attempt will be made to eliminate intrusive light through the design process.

All the lighting apparatus proposed for Staffordshire will use flat glass which is designed to minimise light pollution.

We will endeavour to maintain existing column positions wherever designs permit. Where this is not possible columns will be positioned so as not to interfere with crossovers, trees and where possible property windows. Heights of columns will be restricted and these will be selected to be in keeping with the road with particular regard for the road widths.
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